Computer Repair

internal desktop hard driveThere are advantages of dealing with a smaller Tech Support company versus a bigger company such as Best Buy, MRO, and Vision computers.. At 757 Computers we have the ability to serve the customer in a "tension-free" atmosphere where we give the customer a free diagnostic and we will give you an on-site estimate even if we have to spend a 1/2 hour analyzing the situation or task to be completed. Not only do we have time on our side giving us a good amount of time to diagnose and repair without a manager or a "next customer in line" pacing a tech. We keep the price down leaving the customer satisfied. Our prices compared to the geeks for example is at least 50% lower at all times, and we do not consider ourselves "geeks" either -we are certified professionals with degrees.


desktop computer build

Current Special: Free Computer support over the phone mon-fri 6-9pm!

Home Theater

home theater


From a basic stereo setup consisting of a basic amp and 2 speakers to an overhead projector set up with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers we offer a very dynamic range of solutions.

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