hard driveBefore you send your hard drive off to a place somewhere in the united states think twice because you could be 1 simple step away from getting all of your data back.

In many cases you will end up at a price of 600$ -1500$ (and will still tell you recovery is not garunteed)which will become resonable in a tight situation and you have no choice or where you think you have no choice.

9 times out of ten I can retreive your data wheather it be documents, photos, music, or videos , and etc. Then if you have a hardware faliure I will give you an estimate or let you know if it is even worth replacing for example, your motherboard, cpu, powersupply, and etc.

Imagine turning on our pc only to see a blue screen with a number like this 0x000000e or 0x000000007, or unmountable boot volume and many more. You have deadlines, you have no time to research, mail off hard drives, you just have no time. Simply give me a call or email me and I will take care of you asap.

Laptops, Desktops, as long as your hard drive is not making a knocking noise i can get your data. If your hard drive is making a knocking noise then its game over, but still save your hard drive and maybe i can find an identical drive and still retreive your data without you spending the 1200$ for a clean room and etc.