Computer Services

security system

We don't go back as far as when you would punch holes in a card and feed them into a machine to get an answer to an equation but we do go back as far as when 1 megabyte was a big number!

From a basic wifi connectivity issue to retrieving your most cherish UN-backed up data, we cover a wide variety of services to meet all of your technical issues or tasks you need completed.

Whether at home or at the office we can come to you or if possible we can connect to you remotely and resolve your issue or task you want completed online.

Urgent: Click here for information on retreiving your data
Networking Data recovery 100-250$

Virus/Spyware Removal 50$

Software/Hardware repair replacement 50-250$ Custom Pc Builds 250-5,700$
  • router setup 50$
  • connectivity issues 25-50$
  • long distance wireless setup (up to 1 mile) 350$
  • microsoft server support 50-100$
  • home/office network support 25-100$
  • laptop
  • destop
  • external hardrives
  • trojans
  • worms
  • spyware
  • third party cookies
  • backdoor viruses
  • software installation
  • windows reinstall without data recovery 100$
  • windows reinstall with data recovery 125-250$
  • blue screen errors50-250$
  • other microsoft windows and program faliures 25-100$
  • unable to get to desktop
  • email support 25-50$
  • memory 50$
  • hardrives (requires reinstallation of windows)125$
  • hardrives (requires reinstallation of windows)with data recovery 125-250$
  • power supplies 50$
  • dvd drives 50$
  • home pc
  • office pc
  • gammer pc
  • budget pc
  • servers
  • media centers


home theater

From a basic stereo setup consisting of a basic amp and 2 speakers to an overhead projector set up with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers we offer a very dynamic range of solutions.

Not only is our IT and Home Theater experience vital to our Home Theater services but our construction experience is also key. provides our wiring and 757computers will install the system.

Current Special: 2.1 to 7.1 Home Theater In The Box system installations from 75$-250$!

Includes the installation of a audio video reciever in addtion to integrating the audio with your TV not to mention program a logitech remote for you. Wiring is run under carpet or hidden with the use of plastic conduit. Depending on your construction or location of your system in the home or office wiring can be installed into the walls for an additional fee.


Sales/New Systems Installs Installation Services Support
  • 5.1-7.1 Home Theater Systems
  • media center
  • floor standing
  • in-wall
  • in-ceiling
  • floor standing
  • wall/ceiling mounted speakers
  • universal remotes
  • projectors
  • multizone
  • reciever/amp -preamp setups
  • car stero
    • navigation
    • front and rear speaker upgrade
    • subwoofers
  • systems can be installed in any location
  • touch screen/button remote programming
  • commercial/residential
  • attic/crawlspace/in-wall wiring
  • conceled wiring with use of conduit
  • system swap out
  • car or truck installs
    • subwoofer wiring with optional capacitor install
  • reprogram remote
  • additon of extra components/upgrade
  • replacment of defective/failed equipment